Video is powerful.

It can inform, entertain, and sell products. It can encourage dialogue, cause outrage, and restore faith. It can make people care about a person they don't even know and their struggles or successes. It can build trust.

It can be shared and impact people worldwide, from the comfort of their homes to the screens of their smart phones. Video never sleeps, it is significant 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Below are a wide range of videos I created as a journalist and during my time in the public sector. They range from traditional news stories and social media videos to short films. All were shot, written, and edited by me (unless otherwise specified).

Police Activities League - Little Earth

Women Recruitment Video

MPD Black History Month: Digging Deeper than the Archives

In an effort to honor Black History Month, the Minneapolis Police Department asked me to take a deep look into the history of African American Officers in the Department. The road hasn’t always been smooth, but several courageous cops who care about their communities paved the way for what we see today; a department committed to celebrating and increasing its diversity.


Drinking & Driving Kills, Sgt. Michal’s Story

MPD Mannequin Challenge

MPD Cold Case Files: Terrell Mayes Jr.

7/26/17 MPD Car Fire Rescue

MPD ImmigrationPolicies (Spanish)

Officers save man on 3rd Ave. Bridge

Vintage car auction draws worldwide attention

A car auction unlike any other where hundreds of cars that were stockpiled by a Chevrolet dealer are finally sold.


Nebraska Barons dominate the diamond

An area softball team proves that no handicap can stop them from leaving it all on the field.


The journey south

Bald eagles make their way south by way of the river, pass the hills around the Hitchcock Nature Center.


manager is heart of basketball team

Elkhorn South HS boys basketball kicked off the state tournament as the top seed, but a key part of their success might surprise you.

Books find new life in mini-libraries

You don't need to know the dewey decimal system, no library card is required, and there are no fines.


Carolers bring holiday cheer to hospital

To help the sick and suffering, carolers decked the halls of the Nebraska Medical Center.


Yutan boy inspires others

An eight-year-old boy buys presents for other kids this Christmas even though he's the one fighting a deadly disease.


Custodian steals show at Christmas concert

For the final song during Burke High School’s Christmas concert this year, custodian Roy Smith was a soloist. 

Sometimes a story can't be told in a minute and a half. Sometimes it takes months of work, dozens of interviews, and hours of raw video. And even then, it's not over. You hope that people watch it and are inspired to make their own ending.

Nebraska's Pill Problem

For 6 months, Julie Cornell and I worked on uncovering a problem that most people keep hidden--Prescription drug abuse. We explore an epidemic affecting every corner of the state, and the widespread effort to fix the problem. Julie Cornell reports, photography and editing by me. 

Innocence Lost, Invisible Victims

"Innocence Lost, Invisible Victims" raises awareness about sex trafficking in Omaha. The FBI says it's a flourishing business. We talk to women who have been trafficked, follow along with law enforcement as they try to stop this often-invisible crime, and examine some of the efforts to help these women heal. Julie Cornell reports, photography and editing by me.